Etere Introduces User Logging to Etere Systems

02 April 2020

Etere installs an added security measure for Etere solutions in a free upgrade to ensure a more secured work experience for all Etere users.

To ensure better security for Etere software programs, Etere is initiating a change for all of its programs. Etere has installed a logging system for Etere software. This helps to control user access for the programs and prevent unauthorised users from accessing the software. This is a free upgrade available for all Etere customers.

Etere has installed a locking system that will prevent users with no access rights from using the software programs. This move is intended to keep information private by reducing the chances of unauthorised people having view access to the program files and information. This user authorisation can be modified in Etere Rights.

Users who enter or use the software programs will have their details and activity recorded in a 'Log'. This log file can be accessed in the form of a report that will show the details of all users who have accessed the software program. This is intended to keep users informed on the activities of their private programs and the user profiles which have accessed the privately stored information through the software programs.

The locking system is applied to the following software programs, Etere Memory, Etere Data Mover, Etere F90, Etere Activesync, Etere Automation, Etere STman. Additionally, the access log is available on all Etere software programs.

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