Etere Provides Upgrades for Si-Media Systems

19 December 2019

Users of Si-Media can enjoy an easy, fail-safe system update with Etere. We are offering a special discount for users intending to migrate their systems from Si-Media to Etere. Contact us at for more information.

The Etere system migration will entail a full migration of existing data, and uses the same hardware platform, with respect of Business continuity. Etere offers migrating companies a special deal to transition to the Etere systems, a fully integrated end-to-end workflow.

Etere recommends our Etere Ecosystem, a total software solution able to connect and manage the complete lifecycle of a Media/IT company. Etere’s wide range of products are fully integrated with one another to form a complete end-to-end workflow that can streamline the work in any company. Its unique architecture is fully scalable, flexible, and efficient. Etere Ecosystem solutions include Media Asset Management, NRCS Newsroom, Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM), Video Editing, Radio Automation, Playout Automation, Censorship, Airsales, Broadcast Management System (BMS) and Dynamic Ad Insertion.

Users of the Broadcast Automation System can enjoy a flexible and reliable service when they port over to the Etere Playout Automation. The Etere Playout Automation solution provides an easy management of your broadcast automation requirements. Eliminate all software redundancy, reduce time-intensive manual tasks and minimize errors so that you can focus on producing, optimizing, delivering and monetizing compelling content. Including our revolutionary Channel-In-A-Box, Channel-In-A-Cloud, ETX Automation, and Enterprise Automation, Etere is prepared to provide for any possible requests. Etere packages its Playout Automation solutions into four types, Enterprise, Channel-In-A-Box, Channel-In-A-Cloud, and Master Control, so that users can pick the package that best suits their specific needs. Users of the MediaDevice can choose to switch to the user friendly Etere Master Control, a software based program that allows the operator full control over the control room devices and CGs, all from one interface.

Those using MediaDelayEditor can instead use the Etere CensorMX. A reliable, powerful and user-friendly Live Censorship and Time Delay platform, the Etere CensorMX allows users to edit or replace any video segment, rapidly insert clips or advertising, as well as easily mute or bleep any audio segment. CensorMX enables a customisable workspace with a flexible layout that also comes with a default setting reset, providing maximum flexibility for the user to choose the layout that is the most suitable for their needs. Switch from recording clips with MediaRec to Etere Ingest. Able to complete manual, scheduled and automatic ingest from to all common feeds, the Etere Ingest is well prepared to take care of all of your ingest needs.

Users of MediaLogger can switch to the Etere Memory. Etere Memory provides broadcasters with a reliable compliance logger that records and stores all transmitted video and audio in a low resolution format (Mpeg4/WMV), enabling operators to fulfill all broadcast recording laws. Not only that, it allow content creators to re-purpose their content in a cost-effective and easy way. Users of MediaCG can instead use the fully integrated Etere ETX-G. Etere ETX-G is an extension of Etere ETX and it can also be used as a separate graphics software in any playout. Its integration with the Etere MAM library allows users to organize all available graphics in one location and improve operational efficiency when searching for an image. Users can make adjustments on the graphics and preview real-time graphics with visible alpha channel in asset form, without dedicated hardware. Users of MediaDoctor can now rely on the Etere SNMP Console, a highly customizable solution that optimizes all processes, infrastructure performance and devices from within a single interface. All processes are monitored by SNMP standard protocol, and alerts are sent directly to the user, keeping them updated on all of the system's workings.

Previous users of MediaStore Client can port over to the Etere Media Asset Management (MAM), a highly acclaimed software that stores, categorises, and links all your media archives and programs together in an integrated and easily accessible interface. Users can enjoy the Etere MAM's included web interface, that allows users to access their files and information from anywhere in the world. Instead of the SI Media Workflow Manager, users can switch to the Etere T-Workflow. Part of the Etere MAM, users can optimize and orchestrate workflows across the end-to-end media lifecycle. Users can even edit and monitor their workflow processes and successes through the Etere MAM Web interface. The MediaStore Proxy, File Based Proxy Generator, functions similarly to the Etere MAM database library, where users can store and retrieve their asses easily based on customisable fields such as metadata, names, and genres.

Keep your files safe and secure with the Etere HSM solution, an alternative to the Mediastore HSM. Etere HSM functions as a management system for long term archiving. It manages all archives in a single integrated environment, supporting a mix of proprietary and/or industry file systems, including Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage and Cloud Storage, with a single interface that provides all information on archives located on-site as well as across multiple geographic locations.

Etere suggests the robust and user-friendly Nunzio Newsroom for previous users of the MediaNews. Specially designed to tackle the fast paced news industry, Nunzio Newsroom is a complete NRCS Newsroom and News Playout that includes collaborative workflows, multi-platform content creation and faster content delivery for an efficient newsroom computer system. Users of MediaNewsPlay can now manage their news playout with the Nunzio News Playout. Fully integrated with all of the Etere modules, the News Playout can operate and manage rundowns, make quick changes, and insert items directly from the MAM database.

Users of the Si-Media software programs can consult the list below for the full range of product upgrade replacements Etere is offering:

Broadcast Automation System - Etere Playout
MediaDevice - Etere Master Control
MediaDelayEditor - Etere CensorMX
MediaLogger - Etere Memory
MediaCG - Etere ETX-G
MediaCGLive - Etere ETX-G
MediaDoctor - Etere SNMP Control
MediaRec - Etere Ingest
MediaStore Client - Etere MAM
Mediastore Proxy - Etere MAM
Mediastore Coder - Etere Transcoder
MediaStore QC - Etere QC
MediaStore HSM - Etere HSM
MediaNews - Nunzio Newsroom
MediaNewsPlay - Etere Nunzio

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