Etere 30, Another Decade of Success

01 January 2020

This 2020, Etere celebrates another successful decade with Etere 30. With 30 long years in the business, Etere shows its brilliance as the longest running and most accomplished broadcast software provider in the world.

Etere welcomes another successful decade in the broadcasting industry, bringing our company to a total of 30 long years in the business. Being the first ever company in the world to provide software only solutions for the media and broadcast industry, Etere continues to be a game changer churning out new revolutionary products ever year. Currently, Etere is the world's longest standing broadcast software company, and continues to offer our customers a wealth of industry experience and knowledge.

Improving the broadcasting world with software only solutions, Etere changes the field for its users. No longer limited by the boundaries brought on by hardware, our users are free to expand or change their work structure whenever they need to with the flexible Etere solutions. Providing a useful end to end solution named the Etere Ecosystem, Etere enables users to conduct any area of broadcast or management through an interconnected system that seamlessly facilitates the movement of media.
Etere 30 introduces a new frontier of technology for our customers. Etere always keeps its solutions updated with feedback from our customers all over the world, making our service an inclusive and ever improving one. Over this past decade, Etere has release innumerous updates and fixes that help make our services useful to our valued customers. Here are some of our highlights as below.

■ In a world moving towards IP, Etere has introduced the use of the up and coming NDI protocol, including this support in every Etere application. Now, users can create a full broadcast system that is completely IP capable, eliminating the need for any SDI cables, and making your broadcasts faster, flexible, and less expensive.

■ SRT protocol is now supported in all Etere products. Receiving a good stable feed from the internet was never this easy.

■ To monitor multiple feeds and manage an unlimited number of channels, Etere makes it easy with the Etere Multiviewer. It has been improved over the decade with a new viewing window that allows users to preview the upcoming program on a stream, as well as monitor the loudness control.

■ The Etere Playout has been improved by enabling a wider range of useful functions for users to streamline the broadcasting process. Users can now monitor and alter the broadcasting stream's volume in the new loudness control add on.

■ The powerful ETX Master Control receives an update, equipping it with a new GUI for ETX configuration. Users can now configure multiple output channels, including a playout channel, master control channel, ingest channel, and preview channel. Useful and convenient, this upgrade enables users to do more on a single interface.

■ Users can have a quick migration to OTT through Etere's new integration with the Wowza streaming server.

■ Etere users can now breach the radio market with the introduction of Radio Live. A uniquely powerful fully software based radio automation that introduces a wide array of features that encompasses high quality and ease of access for any broadcaster.

■ Users of Etere closed captions can enjoy better freedom in design with the inbuilt text designer that allows modifications of subtitle size, position, font, and colour.

■ Etere MAM gets a new added feature with Etere Video Editor. Users can now edit their saved media directly without the messy process of having to import or export their files into an editor. Quick and convenient, users can expect to cut down a lot of time with the Etere Video Editor.

■ Etere Ad insertion has been completely redesigned to offer an end-to-end IP solution using a software only approach.

With these updates, Etere is fully prepared to take on the upcoming year, and many more years to come.

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