Etere aids Slovenia's VPK

05 декабря 2019

Etere installs a new MAM system for VPK, Slovenia's biggest television production company. Optimised with NDI technology, Etere has installed the world's first fully NDI system for VPK that links together all their modules for a smoothly operating system.

Etere has installed a full Etere MAM system for VPK, ensuring that their daily work and broadcasting duties move more smoothly than before. Equipped with Etere ETX and ETX-M Multiviewer, all held together using only the adaptable and secure NDI technology, the system covers four of VPK's channels, and is prepared to prepare media for broadcast. This is the world's first fully NDI connected system. The VPK system has been assembled by Etere to require no other IP protocol, and ensures uniformed connectivity throughout with the sole use of NDI. The full NDI setup ensures VPK enjoys no quality loss during subsequent encodes and decodes and requires less hardware and wires than SDI, ensuring better reliability and flexibility, as well as saving money for VPK.

VPK is a long standing television production company in Slovenia, with offices in Croatia and Serbia. VPK provides a range of programs for a number of different fields including sports, commercial, corporate, and entertainment. As a production company, ensuring that their footage is recorded in crisp, stable formats is important to ensure the continued standard of their work.

NDI allows for stable connection for users to transmit high quality video across IP networks in real time, with little delay. Etere connects all of VPK's modules with NDI to ensure that their connection is able to remain stable, no matter where they broadcast from. As much of VPK's work comes from on site recording for events such as live sporting events, the stable NDI connection is integral to ensure the recording's success. As NDI is a virtualised solution that functions over IP networks, it requires much less hardware and wires than the traditional SDI, making it a more cost efficient solution to use. NDI is highly adaptable, and is able to be used with existing networks to move high quality content without any virtual losses.

Etere's Etere ETX provides a virtual, software only system that functions as a fully digital ingest/playout engine that gives you professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. It is capable of NDI output, and multiple layers of 2D and 3D graphics. Time saving and space saving, VPK can now do away with the usual switcher panels, needing only a computer interface to control their broadcasts.

VPK streamlines its broadcasts with help from the Etere Automation. Powerful, adaptable, and reliable, it is a modular broadcasting system that is flexible enough to suit VPK's needs. Its unique approach combines real-time device control and media asset management in a single product, offering a powerful mix of solutions and capabilities.

Etere ETX-M Multiviewer provides a useful way for VPK to keep track of all of their input channels all within one interface. Supported by the secure NDI technology, VPK can stream from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other local or remote sources and monitor all their feeds. Each stream's live viewer window comes equipped with on screen audio meters and custom view labels. Integrated with the Etere Automatic Loudness Control (ALC), VPK is able to monitor the feed's audio level through the Etere ETX-M Multiviewer. Imbued with with features to automatically detect loudness problems including auto jumps between programs and commercials as well as signal handling for all worldwide recommendations for loudness measurement, the Etere ALC is an important tool to ensure smooth broadcasting for VPK.

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