Etere MAM compatible with Qscan 3.6 for file based QC

21 November 2019

At the forefront of technology, Etere has upgraded its systems to accommodate the latest QScan 3.6 update. Users of Etere MAM can enjoy a smoother process when processing file based Quality Checks (QC).

Etere Media Asset Manager (MAM) continues to improve itself so users like you can experience the best in your workflows. Now, one of the most important file check processes within the Etere MAM has been improved with a new integration compatibility with Editshare's content testing software, QScan 3.5.1, so that users need to spend less time on the QC process.

The Etere MAM is a flexible, modular, and scalable software only media management solution, optimised for use by both media and IT organisations. Etere MAM is a highly-effective digital content management solution that is designed specifically to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. Etere MAM is an end-to-end software solution created to fully optimize the value of your assets through a centralized management of digital content and associated metadata.

Etere products, being fully software based, are able to adapt to most third party software programs. Etere offers multiple integration opportunities with Editshare products such as the QScan, a content testing software. QScan Pro allows any user to test four concurrent files at any one time. Single-pass analysis allows users to analyze their files without the need of reanalysis in case of quality criteria changes or possible incomplete or incorrect templates. It also allows users to adjust thresholds as many times as needed, with no need to re-analyse each file.

This seamless integration improves the file analysis experience, reduces the time for users to spend checking their files, and allows users to adopt a flexible solution that can fit their business. This incorporation into the Etere MAM ensures that all of the user's processes work seamlessly and ensure a streamlined broadcasting process. Contact us to learn more about Etere MAM and how Etere can incorporate into your systems.

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