VTV updates Etere MAM and archive to 4K

23 October 2019

With the help of Etere, VTV updates its existing MAM system and archive to 4K including multi frame rate capabilities. The upgrade add also capacity and speed for its tape library better prepares the broadcaster for a future of higher file resolution and frame rates.

The forward thinking VTV, Vietnam's national broadcaster, has enlisted Etere's help in updating its archive and tape libraries to prepare themselves for the improvement in resolution and frame rates of future video assets.

Etere has worked with VTV for years, supplying the national broadcaster with years of playout management of the VTV’s nine channels by an Etere System, a choice that has permitted VTV to achieve an operative efficiency while meeting audience’s quality expectations. Now VTV has approached Etere once more to prepare itself for the possible upgrade in video files.

Etere upgrades VTV's archive to a 4K multi frame rate archive with Etere HSM Archive. In today’s fast-changing and creative environment, archiving plays an essential role in running an Ecosystem that integrates content effectively. VTV has recognised this importance and opted to improve their archive accordingly. The extensive archive supports all new video file formats and provides a more stable archive system for VTV to use that is able to support the broadcaster's growth.

The newly upgraded archive improves the internal Tape Library system with two new LTO drives that improves the capacity and speed of retrieval of the storage system. Aimed at increasing the archive's ability to store and retrieve information, Etere installed two new drives configured as data pumps to better facilitate the storage and movement of assets.

Etere ensures that all its modules are able to work in tandem with most third party applications. We have helped to integrate VTV's system to the external Telestream Vantage Workflow, to help VTV manage their system by including automated, self-adapting workflows.

All these solutions work together to ensure that VTV has access to a useable and reliable archive system that is able to support the broadcaster for many years to come.

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