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29 февраля 2012

Visit our booth at CABSAT 2012 (S2-C2) to learn how Etere MERP can help broadcasters improve operational efficiency.

Great interest for Etere MERP during CABSAT show in Dubai
We would like to remark that Etere is the only company worldwide able to offer a truly MERP solution for broadcasting. Etere MERP is an innovative solution that will provide today with a comprehensive workflow throught for tomorrow's standards and thus give you a big advantage over your competitors, this, thanks to a key feature: Etere uses one framework and one database for all business together with an increase the productivity in a better workplace.
The Etere's booth at CABSAT (S2-C2) will illustrate how broadcasters can use our MERP and thus leverage a lot of advantages including:
• Single database containing all data for the software modules across an entire company
• People in different departments can view and update the same information
• Standardizes and reduces the number of software specialties previously required
• User-friendly and completely tailored interface
• Paperless approach to help the environment
• Real-time scheduling and conflicts management
• Total control over resources, processes, and costs
• Flexible tool to easily streamline inefficient workflows
• Tightly integrated billing and accounting features
• Time and cost savings for content resources management
• Fully tapeless workflow for the management of assets

The time for applying the ERP concept to media companies has now come... Don't be late!

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