Etere provides a new API conforming to FIMS specifications

02 July 2019

Etere has announced a partnership with the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS), which serves to aid businesses in remaining relevant in the changing industry.

Etere is proud to announce its partnership with the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS). FIMS seeks to create a comprehensive Service Oriented Architecture that will combine multiple broadcasting processes into one sleek system, simplifying the process for media broadcasters worldwide. FIMS also hopes to create a system that will be useful in terms of tracking ad revenue and other broadcasting user requirements and priorities. As a developer, Etere is providing a new Application Programming Interface to FIMS that will aid in software interoperability and achieve their goal to create a flexible, user friendly media system that will encompass all broadcasting structures including video, language, sound, subtitles and more.

In this manner, Etere is able to provide cutting-edge solutions for its users by being at the forefront of change in the media industry. Etere strives to produce the best results for its users, no matter the changing times. As always, Etere seeks to provide its users with only the most cutting edge solutions in accordance with industry standards and regulations.

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