Etere ELS

22 апреля 1998

ELS is a last generation multi-format robotics that can be used for both ingestion and broadcasting applications. The Siemens controlled manipulator increases the reliability. ELS can host up to 4 cassette formats.

ELS is a last generation compact multiformat robotics usable for both ingesting and broadcasting applications. Small in size but with a large cassette capacity to meet the requirements of any television network. The Siemens controlled manipulator increase the reliability. A built-in 1D or 2D barcode reader allows to read all the existing 1D and 2D barcode formats including the Sony 2o5 interleaved 58 digits. ELS can host up to 4 cassette formats selectable among Betacam (large and small), U-Matic (normal and small), for a total number of cassettes between 48 and 80 depending from the cassette size. ELS can host up to 4 Vtr decks 4RU or 3 Vtr decks 5RU.

It includes a unique and customised software that combines the best of a tape management system with Media Asset Management (MAM) and Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). It is capable of managing multiple requests, multiple formats as well as beta tapes. Etere reduces reliance on high-maintenance and expensive systems. Its configurable automation workflows are able to manage multi-format requests and multiple processes with maximum efficiency. Etere ELS provides users with load-balancing properties that improve workload distribution through multiple resources, thus providing high availability and reliability for a fault-resilient performance.

Key Features
■ Use proved Siemens technology to control robotic arm
■ Ingest and playout for every tape in the media library
■ Multi channel system
■ Multi format tape
■ Integration with Etere Ingest and Etere Automation
■ Password configuration: Manage user rights and secure access easily with password access
■ Cassette insertion: It is extremely easy to insert cassettes, simply insert it in the input drawer and activate the insert button or manage it remotely from the operation list
■ Cassette extraction: Operators can extract specific cassettes or a series of boxes
■ Barcode reader: The cassette will be inserted after the cassette code has been acquired by Etere ELS, alternatively, users can enter the bar code manually
■ Shortcut keys: Fast operations and execution of key functionalities including exit from program, pause, resume, activation and deactivation

Etere ELS is a complete solution that streamlines the management of beta-tapes and U-matic tapes. With Etere ELS, it is easily to manage robotic tape machines and customised configurations from a centralised management console.

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