A Free Upgrade: Etere MTX 1 and 2 to ETX

22 января 2019

Etere upgrades the End-of-life MTX 1 and MTX 2 to ETX. This is a free enhancement for all MTX users on a valid Etere Support Contract.

Etere is pleased to announce that MTX 1 and MTX 2 users on a valid Etere Support Contract will be equipped with a FREE upgrade to the advanced Channel-in-a-Box solution, Etere ETX. For every MTX server, an ETX licence will be supplied. Etere ETX is a cutting-edge software solution with full IP in and out capabilities. With the same usage, the hardware requirements for ETX remains the same as MTX 1 and 2. Users who would like to use the additional features of ETX including graphics, AVC, MP4 and full IP playout, the hardware probably needs to be updated.

ETX do not allows to have SDI ingest from playout server remote controlled instead it allows a FREE Ingest tool directly from client, so please be ready to update your SDI system when migrate from MTX to ETX.
On request to every MTX user a 6 months supplementary licence will be issued to allow a smooth migration.
For a list of supported card devices and drivers for Etere ETX, please refer to the Etere Software Manual Chapter: Supported Card Devices and Drivers.

For more information, please write to info@etere.com

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