19 октября 2018

The Etere Dalet System Connector driver allows users to manage a 2-way connection between an Etere system and a Dalet system for the exchange of metadata and files between both platforms.

Etere Dalet System Connector driver facilitates a 2-way connectivity between an Etere system and a Dalet system to exchange and retrieve metadata and files interchangeably between both platforms. The solution provides users with more options and greater flexibility. Etere offers the best of technology on the market for interoperability between different systems as well as complete scalability to suit different business needs. With the Etere Dalet System Connector driver, users are equipped with the best of technology for the creation as well as the management of metadata and asset files between both platforms, Etere and Dalet.

With Etere's highly flexible and integrative architecture, users are able to retrieve media contents interchangeably from the same interface without the switching of software interfaces, the complexity of different database integrations or having to deal with multiple file transfers. For a complete dynamic management of media assets, Etere enables flexi-metadata to be included in the asset and users are able to create new actions via Etere Workflow Designer. Keep your data secure and connected with Etere solutions.

Advantages of Etere Dalet System Connector Driver
■ 2-way connectivity between Etere and Dalet systems
■ Exchange metadata and files between both platforms
■ Creates easy and secure flow of information
■ Increases operational efficiency without the need to switch between systems
■ Faster content deliveries across all stages of the workflow
■ Extremely easy to orchestrate, edit and monetize your video content
■ Cost-efficient and versatile
■ Open and scalable

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