Etere is the Trusted Choice

19 октября 2017

Etere offers a modular, integrated and scalable architecture backed by a reliable performance you can trust.

Etere offers many unique advantages and here are some reasons why Etere is still the TRUSTED choice since 1987:

A Complete, Scalable and Flexible Management of all Your Workflows
Etere offers a revolutionary design that orchestrates all your workflows and glues all your system and files together. It provides a modular system that is capable of managing your end-to-end media lifecycle. Fully integrative and flexible, Etere solutions provide a perfect synergy for all your workflows across all departments. Etere solutions are backed by Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP). Etere MERP features simplicity and provides greater value than sole performances. It is a fully scalable framework that allows an easy upgrade to accommodate expansions in any company, simply by activating new software licenses, without the need to change the system.

Simplifies Your Workflows and Increases Productivity
Based on Microsoft SQL technology, Etere is extremely easy to setup and integrate. Personalizing, designing and organizing workflows has never been easier with Etere Workflow design tool which empowers users with precision controls, customizations, operation sequence modifications and monitoring capabilities.

A Reliable Performance
Etere systems offer up to 4 levels of fault-tolerant settings to match all your requirements. Additionally, Etere features a distributed architecture for a fault-tolerant and fault-resilient performance. Its Active Directory integration caters for a secured user authentication. Etere's dedicated testers run multiple and rigorous tests on every new release to ensure Etere's mark of quality, consistency and reliability.

Flexibility with Etere CAL (Client Access Licence)
Users can enjoy an unprecedented freedom and flexibility with Etere CAL (Client Access Licence). Every windows client connected to the system uses a CAL. The best part? The CAL licence is identified by the computer (not by username) and multiple users can access the same computer without the investment of additional licences. This flexibility is reflected similarly in servers where each server only needs one licence even if you have multiple processes running on the same server.

Ready for all Your Present and Future Needs
Etere provides consistent updates and upgrades, incorporating fixes and new features including enhancements based on customer feedback from all around the world.

Etere users are able to leverage on Etere Cloud to access content quickly and across multiple geographic locations.

Customizable Workflows
Etere workflows are customizable and scalable to fit perfectly with the needs of the user. Etere comes with an unlimited number of workflow licenses. Users are equipped with workflow rights for each user as well as a centralized console monitoring and clustered actors.

Easy Browsing
Etere features an integrated multi-resolution browsing for all your file needs. It is also proxy safe for all uploads, downloads and browsing. Its Win32 interface includes web compatibility with Etereweb which is extremely easy to download and features all the main features of the desktop version. As a global brand, Etere caters to worldwide users with its availability of different languages GUI.

Monitoring Capabilities
Etere enables real-time monitoring and instant notification alerts. Users are able to identify and resolve points of failures immediately.

Etereweb for Connectivity from Anywhere
Etereweb allows multiple users to log in and perform all the major features of the software from any location around the world with an internet connection. Users are able to view, modify and compare daily playlists as well as to search, preview, edit, download and upload media files in real-time from all commonly used web browsers. Etereweb enables the management of commercial orders and programming as well as seamless integrations with major NLEs including Avid, Adobe Premiere and Apple FCP. Etereweb offers a secure environment with support for all firewall security applications. All users of Etereweb can log in with their credentials to access their personalized data.

Etere is fully scalable and compatible with Windows servers 2012/2016. It is hardware independent and comes with support of clustering and high availability.

Etere provides an integrated Media Asset Management (MAM) system that is capable of indexing files such as traditional videotapes in the same system. Featuring a flexible metadata structure, Etere provides a custom set of metadata for each asset as well as unicode support.

Outstanding 24/7 Worldwide Customer Support
Etere provides 24/7 worldwide customer support. Etere strives to understand the requirements of its customers in order to provide personalized consultations and to guide each of its customers in every step of the way to achieve their goals. As a modular system that is capable of fulfilling your end-to-end needs, Etere serves as a single point of reference and as a technology partner who will guide you in your success story. Additionally, Etere provides free updates and upgrades several times a year, bringing the latest technology and patches to you regularly. We provide unlimited VPN connectivity, unlimited phone calls, unlimited skype calls and a personalized helpdesk system with a unique identification number attached to each incident for an easy reference. Your user experience matters to us.

An Established and Trusted Company
Etere was established in 1987 and has been recognized as one of the global leaders in Media Asset Management and channel in a box software solutions for the broadcast and media market. Recognized internationally as an innovative company, Etere has developed and perfected forward-thinking solutions ahead of its competitors. Etere is backed by a consistent leadership and vision since its beginnings. It is committed to providing a reliable system for a performance you can trust. It is a global company dedicated to meeting the needs of its users located in multiple markets across the globe.

Etere features a strong financial standing through its innovative and complete portfolio of solutions as well as a strong international customer base. As a result of its commitment to excellence, Etere solutions have been trusted by many return customers worldwide as it continues to expand its global distribution networks all around the world.

Talk to us at today to discover how Etere MERP can help you to achieve the success that is tailored for you!

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