Etere at IBTS 2003

07 февраля 2003

Etere will be at Etere at IBTS 2003, the team will present its range of Etere MERP solutions for the complete management of any broadcasting lifecycle.

Etere will be present at IBTS 2003 (Pad 8, Stand D14). Its solutions include:

ETERE Traffic (not only for TVs but also for radios), the new ETERE Radio Automation SQL and ETERE Archive Manager (the perfect solution for laptops) 'Digital archive of your video material).

The uniqueness of the new ETERE Traffic is represented by the fact that advertising is sold no longer to "points now" but according to programming. It is finally possible to sell the advertisement regardless of the hourly variations of the schedule. With it you can manage many programming modes, you have total control of each single spot and you also have full splitting management. Billing and browsing are integrated. ETERE Traffic is able to enter more than 300 spots per minute.

The new ETERE RADIO Automation is simply the ideal automation system. Powerful, scalable and reliable among those available in the broadcast market. It is able to offer you an integrated automation system capable of sharing information with all of your broadcaster's infrastructures. It's developed and linked to a database in SQL, meaning: faster and no limit to the capacity of your data store. The state - of - the - art technologies developed by ETERE guaranteeing maximum fault-tolerance.

ETERE Archive Manager is the perfect solution for the memory expansion of your video server. It is capable of extending the space of your video servers using innovative low cost and high performance technologies. Move data from video server to second level memory, organize your video archive. In addition, it can be integrated with a "historical" archive based on deep archives. Etere Archive Manager connects to any automation system, you can use it even if you have never done an upgrade to Etere Automation.

During IBTS you will be able to see this application's usage as second memory.

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