Etere at Broadcast Asia 2006

10 января 2006

Etere is participating in Broadcast Asia 2006 which will be held from 20 to 23rd June 2006 at Singapore Expo, Halls 7 and 8.

Etere will be participating in Broadcast Asia 2006 to showcase and perform live product demonstrations of its products. Since 1987, Etere Automation has been providing the most powerful, flexible and cost effective broadcast solutions. It comprises a shared framework to manage all the television business: automation, recording, archiving, scheduling, air-time sales, indexing and media asset management.
ETERE innovative workflow allows users to increase productivity and quality while keeping costs low.
ETERE Automation software is the most powerful, the most scalar and the most liable automation system among all systems offered on market. It controls all those devices which are normally used in any station:
videoservers, audio/video routers, master control/mixer video, logo generators, titlers, cart machines for automatic caching, VTRs and all necessary things for your TV. Its flexibility and modularity is adequate for stations of any size or type: national, regional, local, general, specialized, single or multi channel.
The new ETERE’s features are:
• ETERE HSM Enterprise: it’s a system designed for broadcast use, it’s not a general purpose system adapted
for the broadcast needs. ETERE HSM interfaces directly the ETERE MAM/Indexing system with the tape library
offering an unbeatable performance and easy of use. It uses 2 level cache optimization and partial file retrieving.
• ETERE Web Publishing: Your archive system as Multiformat source. With it you can: define multiple encoding/transcoding profiles, link profiles to destinations, create groups in your archive the link uniform delivery profiles and create distribution lists.
• ETERE Traffic 16: a complete redesign. It manages many of the business processes in the sales/traffic and
programming areas, delivering competitive advantage through reduced operational/costs and improve efficiencies. ETERE will show the new commercial, document and rightsmanagement. Moreover, it’s completely integrated with browsing, web integration and the billing management.

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