Selling Etere

29 октября 2009

Learn how Etere support distributors through a proficient collaboration to satisfy all client's needs, from broadcasters, media companies, production houses to advertising agencies.

Etere is a unique approach and a revolutionary solution. Learn more about the sales of Etere through the presentation in the attachment.

Etere was established in 1987 in Italy and it is amongst the worldwide leaders in Media Asset Management (MAM) and channel-in-a-box software solutions. Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning (MERP) framework of scalable solutions are used by media enterprises across the end-to-end workflow. Etere MERP modular software including Media Asset Management (MAM), Airsales, Ad Insertion, Playout Automation, Broadcast Management System, HSM Archive, Newsroom Computer System (NRCS), Broadcast Management System, Broadcast video over IP, Censorship, Closed Captioning and Subtitle Management are built with an innovative architecture, offering the best flexibility and reliability in the market. Etere headquarters is in Singapore and it has a worldwide 24/7 support. Е-mail:

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