InBroadcast: Mar 2017

24 March 2017

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library has once again renewed its vote of confidence in Etere for its effective, reliable and flexible solutions.

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The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library has once again renewed its vote of confidence in Etere for its effective, reliable and flexible solutions. A question about the upgrade of the Omneon servers that were in use for 9 years has recently been raised in the TV-multimedia complex of the Presidential Library. PBDS company offered the Etere ETX broadcasting equipment as a modern solution. After studying its characteristics and testing the suggested device, the technical department of the President Library agreed to the upgrade.

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library is a satisfied user of Etere solutions for a long time. In 2009, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library chose Etere as their ideal solution for a state-of-the-art digital multimedia system. Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library is one of three national libraries of the Russian Federation and it represents a new era in the development of library science in Russia. Etere plays a pivotal role in the cultural project to digitize and process an extensive collection of materials that hold significant cultural importance including manuscripts, publications, pictures, audiovisual clips and cinematographic videos. The project future-proofs the valuable assets with a highly effective, reliable and flexible Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) system that bridges the digital workflow from the start to end and enables a state-of-the-art resource centre for visitors. The installation was a resounding success with its easy maintenance, customized delivery, streamlined operations, a fault tolerant performance and a fully scaleable system that provides the best returns on investment.

The Advantages of Synergy with Etere ETX
Etere ETX is part of Etere Media Enterprise Resource Planning's (MERP) framework of complete, modular and integrative software solutions that cover the complete media life-cycle. ETX includes full IP support for both HD and SD videos. 4K ready and as one of the most comprehensive and cost-efficient video management systems on the market, ETX is a complete channel-in-a-box equipped with a host of capabilities including a fully digital ingest/playout engine that is capable of professional video technology with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry.

ETX supports all compression schemas including MPEG-2, DV25, HDV, DVCpro, DVCpro50, DVCproHD, IMX30/40/50, XDcam-EX, XDCam-HD, AVC-Intra AVC-HD, H264, WMV, ProRes and HEVC. The power-packed digital solution is capable of SDI output, multiple layers of graphics, 3D graphics animation, H264 encoding as well as Flash graphics support. Versatile and powerful, it manages a complete range of playout options including single channel, multi-channel and multi-platforms. ETX is designed to work at a high fault-tolerance level to avoid single points of failure due to the distribution of video data over various ingest and playout nodes which effectively manages all video data. ETX also ensures a distributed architecture with master and clone automation, as well as main and backup video servers for a truly fault-resilient performance. Afterall, delivering a consistent performance is a crucial benchmark in all projects that Etere participates in.

The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library is an important part of the network which will include other branches integrating digital archives and valuable resources of other libraries all over the Russian Federation into a single information centre. Equipped with Etere solutions, it is empowered for the next-generation of success!

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