InBroadcast: ETX-G Streamlines Graphics Workflow

07 марта 2017 features an article on Etere ETX-G and the host of benefits that it brings. For the full article, please view the attachment.

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Character Generators (CGs) play an important role in broadcast production with the use of crawlers, tickers, logos and special effects in broadcast productions. Increasingly, commercial graphics represent a very important source of revenue for the broadcast and media industry. Etere empowers broadcasters with the tools of the future with its agility to adapt quickly to market demands, thus ensuring the best returns on your investments.

Etere's commercial graphics management software, Etere ETX-G, provides a unified software-based solution that allows CGs to be managed with an integrated workflow and from a MAM database. ETX-G is an extension of Etere ETX and it can also be used as a separate graphics software in any playout. With its collaborative workflow, there are no information islands and businesses are provided with a clear view of operational and business performance metrics. ETX-G is now equipped with a FREE upgrade of new and improved features.

Graphics Media Asset Management (MAM)
An effective graphics management library minimizes time wastage when searching for suitable graphics for playout, especially when graphic files can come in huge volumes. With a MAM library for graphics, operators are able to view all available graphics all in one location and changes can be previewed in real-time. ETX-G is fully integrated with a MAM system combined with intuitive controls, a distributed architecture and real-time sharing of data across an integrated framework with the revolutionary Etere MERP concept that promotes connectivity across all Etere modules.

Preview of Graphics Without Dedicated Hardware
ETX-G users are able to preview graphics directly from the media library asset form, without the need for expensive, high maintenance and complex hardware. Etere software solutions require only a simple PC setup to perform a complete graphics management and real-time preview. With Etere ETX-G's streamlined workflow, users are able to reduce manual operations, perform faster and to produce better quality content. Users are also able to perform some adjustments of the graphics from the same interface. Additionally, graphics objects from ETX-G are saved in the media library with the capacity to group assets according to user preferences for an easy asset search. Etere solutions are also highly integrative and are capable of interfacing a wide range of third party solutions.

Simplifies the Graphics Planning
ETX-G simplifies graphics planning with the capacity to schedule ETX-G graphics preview directly in STMan. When managing ETX-G graphics, STMan automatically reads the automation file to determine the ETX-G mode. If the ETX-G mode is active, STMan automatically triggers object management that determines the selection algorithm. Additionally, users are able to view in real time, the graphics preview with every schedule in Executive Scheduling without exiting the screen, thus simplifying the graphics planning process.

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