Etere Penetrates the Thai Broadcast Industry

01 ноября 2016

THAILAND: TVD (Momo) is a television shopping network that is a joint venture between Thailand's TV Direct Public Company Limited (TVD) and Taiwan 's Momo gallery . To cater for the playout of TVD (Momo)’ s four channels, TVD and Momo recently invested in Etere’ s enterprise MERP system.

The Etere system manages the end-to-end processes of all four channels, including automation, scheduling, proxy browsing, video playout and video logging. This automates and streamlines the entire workflow, reportedly enabling TVD (Momo) to provide content quickly and efficiently while saving on costs.

Meanwhile, Bangkok University has selected an Etere solution to serve as a broadcast training system. The system will be used to teach students that are interested in entering the broadcast industry by simulating a real -world broadcasting environment and being capable of interfacing with third-party devices. This setup comprises a playout system with Etere ETX, Channel -in-a-box, Media Asset Management and archive systems.

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