Bangkok University Chooses Etere for Broadcast Training System

30 сентября 2016

Bangkok University, one of the largest and most established private universities in Thailand has chosen Etere for its broadcast student training system.

The installation simulates an actual broadcasting environment and comes fully equipped to interface a wide range of third­-party devices for seamless operations. Etere software solutions deliver inter­connectivity between systems.
The training system is used by students who are interested to join the broadcast industry. The installation comprises a playout system with Etere ETX, Channel­in­a­box, Media Asset Management and archive system that fully equips the students with a comprehensive faculty that simulates an actual broadcasting environment.
The Bangkok University installation includes:

■Etere Executive Scheduling, a full­featured planning solution that enables short and long term playlist

■Etere workflow which enables operators to set up workflow actions that represents sequentially interconnected
actions configured to specified requirements

■Etere database management and user rights management which provides an overview of user authorisation rights
and user profiles from a centralised location

■Etere TV Automation, a broadcasting system featuring device control and media asset management in a single
product. It is also able to manage playlists and perform last minute changes in fast­paced environments

■Etere Media Manager digital content management solution designed to streamline the process of ingest,
indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets

■Etere ingest, a multi­channel, multi­format and multi­resolution recording software that is able to capture in realtime SD/HD media from virtually any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP stream to any cloud storage
and apply it to any required workflow

■Etere SNMP Console, which provides centralised, automated and real­time monitoring of broadcast system
networks with a centralised dashboard that enable users to monitor the system’s functionalities easily and

■Bangkok University’s system is also equipped with NFS/NTFS File System Drivers. NFS (Network File System)
enables a user to access a remote computer with a computer user view and enables the options of storing and
updating files as though they were on the user’s own computer. NTFS is the file system that the Windows NT
operating system uses for storing and retrieving files on a hard disk

■Etere CAL (Windows Client Licence), an essential component needed to run Etere. The licence is identified by
computer not by username and multiple users can access the same PC without additional licences. This
flexibility is also reflected in servers where each server only needs one licence even for multiple processes
running on the same server

■Etere ETX, a 4K IT­based solution for video management which is also a complete channel in a box equipped
with full IP in and out capabilities. It is also NDI­compatible

For more information, visit NewTek NDI. #NDIcentral

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