Content and Technology: Etere to Showcase Adobe Integration

30 сентября 2016

Etere will be showcasing the Etere Newsroom Control System (NRCS) panel for Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud as part of its line­up of live demonstrations at IBC2016. The Etere NRCS panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides an efficient and costeffective newsroom solution.

At IBC, Etere will present the whole Etere product line­up: Nunzio, for managing newsroom workflows, including panel integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the Etere MAM digital content management, and the Etere Media Enterprise Resources Planning (MERP) solution for production teams.

Fast and Seamless Workflows with Etere Nunzio
Etere Nunzio is a scalable solution that comes with full NRCS capabilities for tapeless workflows in any newsroom environment. Nunzio manages the news programming and control of on­air playback. Nunzio integrates behind the scenes with the Etere Media Asset management database and Etere Media Management engine for efficient newsroom management and, including integration of multi­site systems. Etere provides full integration across the Etere toolset, including the Etere MAM and the innovative Etere MERP system.

The Etere Nunzio panel integration with Adobe Premiere Pro CC eliminates unnecessary switching between apps and tasks, empowering users with Adobe’s extensive editing tool­set so they can deliver content quickly. The Etere NRCS panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC gives newsroom editors the ability to push media directly into play­to­air­systems, including options to enrich their content, such as interactive video editing, search of rundowns, direct access to archives, and delivery of rendered content – without needing to leave the Adobe Premiere Pro editing environment.

Etere MAM for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Etere MAM is a highly­effective digital content management solution designed to streamline the process of ingesting, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital assets. Etere MAM is an end­to­end software solution that helps users to optimise the value of their assets through centralized management of digital content and associated metadata. The Etere NRCS panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC gives editors direct to access to the Etere MAM where they can retrieve content for their sequences. Along with the ability to search for Etere MAM assets, users can manage up to five different statuses for each asset via the panel. Edited content can be imported directly into Etere MAM and managed within the overall

Etere workflow
Safe and Secure Access. The Etere Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration provides a secure environment where users are authenticated in the Etere system, either through a custom login or via automatic Active Directory account management.

Smarter Workflows
The Etere workflow also supports Adobe Anywhere, an Adobe technology which enables users to collaborate using centralised media across virtually any network, without the need for large file transfers or duplicated media. Additionally, Etere’s unique Media Enterprise Resources Planning (MERP) approach allows operators to push archive material to Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing and subsequently be exported back to Etere, either as a new asset or to overwrite the original file.

The integration with Etere MERP makes it possible to automatically trigger tasks, such as the review and approval, when a material is saved. Additionally, metadata entered for the editing of material is saved in the MAM database, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of future search queries.

Drop by Etere’s booth (8.B89) at IBC2016, or make an appointment with the team.

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