Etere Nunzio Newsroom Supports Social and Epaper Publication

30 сентября 2016

Etere Nunzio Newsroom is integrated with built-­in connectivity to websites and social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Youtube. The controls of Nunzio allow producers to create, edit, and publish content to websites and social media platforms directly from Nunzio.

Additionally, an all­new E­paper feature provides broadcasters with the option of a digital publication that is optimised for reading on mobile and tablet devices. This is a free upgrade for all Etere Nunzio users.

Etere future­proofs your investments with myriad publishing options, ensuring full flexibility and the best returns. Etere Nunzio is an all­in­one solution that performs all jobs within a newsroom with increased efficiency and control. Nunzio offers full NRCS capabilities to manage the entire tapeless workflow of a newsroom, from planning of news stories to the control of on­air playback. Nunzio enables development of a story from the initial idea to broadcast. It leverages Etere workflow capabilities to handle requirements and offers integration in the entire existing IT and production environment. Nunzio relies on an Etere MAM database and uses the Etere Media Management engine for transfers and federate integration of multi site systems.

Key Benefits
Easy management of multi-­reporting tools from a single interface. Brings content to a wider audience via website and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. Allows news teams to stay connected easily in even in different geographical locations. Allows engaged audiences to share news content with their network. Real­time performance metrics , feedback of audiences including live comments, social media polling and realtime results allow journalists to connect with people and information.

Social media and web reporting empower journalists to publish breaking news and live updates on the fly. E­Paper is mobile and tablet optimised, thus encourages reading on the move as compared to regular websites and flash­based newspapers/magazines. Intuitive graphical buttons for a user ­friendly experience Provides the best flexibility of content creation and distribution that goes beyond television.

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