NAB 2010 Etere market position

15 апреля 2010

The 4 products that have pushed the positive trend of Etere in 2009: MAM Media Asset Management, Traffic, Tapeless reception,Automation.

2009 has been a difficult year because of the economy crisis that has affected also the broadcast market.

In this difficult scenario, Etere has confirmed that is a solid and dynamic Company, without debts or financial problems and unlike most other companies continue to recruit employee

Etere software sales in 2009 increased by 8% and all this also thanks to:

■ a wide range of software solutions to cover the different needs of broadcasters and media companies due to the fact that we operate worldwide

■ a continuous products innovation (we have invested 7% more than 2008)

■ a corporate structure lean and flexible (we are big as software house but a “small” company compared to other company of the broadcast market)

■ the company vision according to which we have developed the core of Etere system that now give us the flexibility to meet the fast growing market demands

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