NAB 2010 new Etere features

15 April 2010

Etere 20 – 20 years of broadcast for Etere
Etere 2009 position
Etere 20 – new features
Etere MTX
Suggestions to sell better
Etere 21 early preview

Etere 20 years on business

■ Etere was born in 1990 as a new business of a company born in 1987. ■ If we need to setup a date it’s 6th august. ■ At that time Italy start the 1° law to coordinate the Broadcast the famous law 223/90
■ The 1° product was a scheduling system to prepare the log as requested by Italian law
■ Then arrive the 1° radio automation based on file sharing using IT. ■ 1993 the 1° digital playback of commercial for a national station starts.

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