Etere Uses Microsoft OCS for Communication

04 октября 2010

The use of Voicespeed will be discontinued from 11th November 2010. You are invited to use Microsoft OCS for your communication with ETERE.

Dear Friend,
please be advised that from 11th November 2010 you have the chance to use Microsoft OCS to communicate with ETERE instead of using Voicepeed.
Microsoft OCS provides improved instant messaging, telephony, conferencing, voice mail, and presence capabilities.
With OCS we both can achive reliability and performance with features that simplify administration and enhance the security of our communications at lower cost.

Morover with a single, easy to use interface, we can switch seamlessly between audio, video, and Web conferencing and desktop sharing.

OCS makes communication easier for people in an office or on the go. You just need to download it and follow the PDF instructions called 'Download Office Communicator help' prepared by our team, available accessing your private area.

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