Omroep Brabant chooses ETERE once again

10 ноября 2006

OMROEP BRABANT – chooses ETERE once again to upgrade and expand its playout system.

ETERE is a leading company that provides a complete range of software broadcasting solutions in the same framework (scheduling, traffic, Airtime sales, automation, media asset management indexing – MAM, archiving, ingest, news integration and playout, logging and audience control, proxy, workflow management, Web integration, music scheduling, etc.) for 16 years.
Omroep Brabant, the most important Dutch regional broadcaster for the Noord-Brabant province, is located in Eindhoven and broadcasts a main channel plus different commercial breaks in 4 different regional areas (split).

Omroep Brabant chose ETERE solutions for the first time more than 7 years ago for the management and the channel playout and now that they have decided to upgrade and expand the system including the playout’s heart, once again they have chosen ETERE as a partner.
With ETERE, Omroep Babant goes to an integrated solution that controls everything for scheduling, split management, ingest, automation and commercials playout.

One of Omroep Brabant’s main needs was to make the import of the commercials planning for the 4 regional areas (created by a 3rd party application) as easy and automatic as possible. Etere approached and solved this issue through F90, a software tool that automatically polls a directory and every time it detects the files of the commercials scheduling it automatically imports them inside Etere scheduling. At the same time it creates the new assets entries in the SQL database and the filler program on the main channel calculating its duration according to the longest of the commercials’ regional areas. After that the operators can ingest the new clips inside the video servers while F90 continuously checks and recalculates the length of the filler programs in case the duration of the clips change or it’s different from what one expected.
The main modules of the ETERE software used in this installation are:
■ Etere Main for the asset creation, the programs/commercials manual planning and the management of the playlist
■ Etere F90 for the automatic import of the commercials scheduling created by a 3rd party application and to recalculate constantly the duration of the filler programs
■ Etere Recording for the ingestion (manual, automatic, scheduled recording)
■ Etere Split for the commercials playout on the 4 regional areas
■ Etere Automation Main for the automatic playout controller of the main channel

In Omroep Brabant’s installation Etere runs on 8 workstations and the devices that ETERE controls for the ingestion and the playout are the following:
■ 3 VTRs for the ingestion
■ 3 Grass Valley K2 MediaClient video server
■ 1 Thomson/Philips Venus audio/video router
■ 1 Thomson/Philips Saturn master control
■ 1 Dekocast
■ 1 FAB subtitling system

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