NAB Show 2011 Distributor Meeting

21 April 2011

Etere is pleased to present the latest updates, news and upcoming launches to our valued distributor at NAB Show 2011 Distributor Meeting.

Thank you for your support through NAB 2011.
As you know, Etere has been confirmed as one of the leading companies in the broadcasting over the past 20 years, its strengths points are the ability to anticipate new market moves and the search for new places to grow up and develop new products.

Leading up to the show we present our last news and our products:
- New Web Site look, a useful resource that allows you to move easily within the wide range of Etere products and of the various facets of them. A fast and convenient way to organize information to himself and to customers.
- Etere did its the concept of the ERP but applied to the multimedia. Etere M.E.R.P - Media Enterprise Resources Planning - is a total software solution to computerize the complete lifecycle of the media industry. It creates an extended integration with the company production facilities (newsroom, production, postproduction, play-out, etc.) and administration tools (scheduling, planning, CRM and Business Intelligence) with multichannel/multiplatform delivery media content.
- Etere 21.5 , a version wearing a new look, with a new kernel compatible with the new operating systems W7, 2008 also with 64-bit OS, and faster than the previous one. - Etere preview the new version Etere 22, with new customizable asset form-sand better metadata handling. - Etere Video Assist, the Etere system that turns your system 100% safe. Currently, in case of emergency on a TV Station, the operator creates a tape from the video files assigned to be used in case the on-air is stopped. Etere Video Assist gives you the opportunity to take a step less by suppressing the use of tapes for the creation of emergency video files. Etere Video Assist makes your job faster, cheaper and safer!
- Etere EDT (Etere Data Transfer) is a technology developed by Etere based on the high-performance data transfer protocol UDT (UDP-based Data Transfer). This new product certainly represents the next generation of transport technology inside broadcast field, with an incomparable better performance and specifically engineered for sending media contents through WAN/LAN networks.
- Etere Airsales the most powerful software solution to manage the complete advertising lifecycle. Etere Airsales is an integrated solution for traffic, accounting and all sales management related operations. It is completely scalable to your size and needs: from the smallest single-station setup to the largest corporation. With Etere Airsales the full spectrum of advertising sales activities is supported including pre and post sales activities, sales campaigns, customer relationship proposals, commercial planning, invoicing, salesmen and agencies commissions.

Once again, thank you for making time to meet with us or stopping by our booth while at NAB 2011. We value your continued partnership with us and look forward to working and collaborating with you.

All the documents are confidential and not for distribution without the permission of Etere.