Etere STMan

09 августа 2011

Etere STMan designed for easy and highly management of all secondary events also real-time.

Etere STMan is the application that provides broadcasters with a multi-layer and real-time management of secondary objects associated to scheduled events. It allows tailoring the visual impact of a TV channel. It manages all graphical elements (e.g.: logos, crawls, subtitles, channel branding, etc) and device commands (e.g.: script, hex pass-through, channel switch, etc) in a simply way, without limit of the amount of secondary events, and more secondary events can be added when required.

Etere STMan allows to onair even the complex graphics mining the data from scheduling and Etere MAM. You can broadcast every metadata about the scheduled event easily.
Etere STMan manages secondary events associated to scheduled events at their broadcasting time:
■ Secondary events, to send information about current/next scheduled events to a certain subtitler
■ Passthru commands, to send hexadecimal commands to devices
■ Secondary video player, to overlay a video onto the main event
■ Subtitles Management, to manage subtitles associated to scheduled events
■ Graphics Management, to manage all the graphics associated to scheduled events (e.g.: network idents, coming up next, titles, etc)
■ Coming next, to promote the next events on the schedule
■ Next Event Countdown, to count the start of the next event
■ Next Event Runtime, to check all the information about the next event (title, duration, etc) and secondary events associated

Etere STMan is able to make all the changes that you want also during the approach of the onair. It keeps itself always synchronized with both the scheduled and the automation schedules, making of it real-time software able to manage even last-minute changes. Etere STMan timeline visualizes any discontinuity in a sequence of secondary events, so the operators can act to fix everything. The timeline interacts directly with the editor for fast and safe last minute adjustments. The program manages into a single module all graphical features including:
■ An advanced graphic controller for the automation playout
■ Ability to control multiple graphics for a single primary event
■ Send parameters to the graphics retrieved from both the schedule and the asset form

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