About Etere Promo Placement

11 августа 2011

Manage your promo activity with Etere Promo Placement which is an effective, powerful and robust tool that effectively manages the entire promo activity and increases your audiences.

Etere provides an innovative and robust tool for the Promo Placement to increase your audience. The promo activity is, after advertising, the heaviest activity of a TV station, which transmits hundreds of them every day to enhance its image and increase the target. Etere provides Promo Placement solution, a robust and integrated tool able to effectively manage the entire promo activity including campaigns. Etere is the software that empowers media companies to maximize the use of their promotional inventory. Etere Promo Placement allows monitoring and placing the right promos across the broadcast schedule. Etere Promo Placement is the module that placing the appropriate promotion accurately in the broadcast schedule. User-defined rules validate the integrity of your schedule, ensuring that the right version of the right promotion is associated with any given event.

Etere tool applies the relevant criteria to prioritize spot placement during finalization of the playlist, helping you achieve your overall marketing objectives. During the promo schedule planning, the operator creates it from the program asset following the related work order.

Etere determines when and where to place each promo with a scheduling engine. See log placement immediately including exact position the promo will occupy on the log and surrounding commercial material. The promos can be placed before their video exists; the new video is automatically linked as soon as it’s shipped via tapeless reception and make last-minute manual adjustments with easy selection menus that ensure you adhere to campaign parameters.

Etere Promo Placement tracks the promo production alla the lifecycle of the promo is under control in a single coherent environment. Etere Promo Placement is completely error proof. Its user-friendly interface shows to the operator all the programs with all the info and related promos. The screen alerts the operator in case there are schedule limits, promo placement error , missing programs, wrong time slot, wrong placement respect to program. Its intuitive interface allows channels to fluidly optimize the placement of their self-promotions, billboards, and bumpers.

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