Etere F90

01 августа 2011

The most efficient connection between two different systems.

Etere F90 is a module that provides a more efficient connection between two different systems and guarantees the maximum accuracy in the information importing and exporting processes, through a fully automated and paperless data flow application. The benefits of automating these processes are evident, human mistakes which could cause the interruption of the work processes are completely avoided.
The application is particularly helpful when the periodical export or import of this data becomes a part of the natural workflow of a station. Etere F90 import and export features can meet several scenarios, for example, it can be used to:
• Communicate an Air Sales / Scheduling system with Etere Automation,
• Communicate Etere Scheduling / Etere Airsales with another automation system,
• Implement an efficient connection between the 2 systems (scheduling and playout)
• Plan a really paperless operation between two systems.
Etere F90 introduces a completely new concept since, in the broadcast industry, the playlist is traditionally imported in the automation one day before and then all the changes are done in the automation itself, Etere F90 revolutionizes this approach through the use of an auto-update engine which analyzes playlist changes and continuously uploads the new changed playlist only asking the operator for confirmation.
Etere F90 communicates the operator through a user-friendly graphical screen which changes have been performed and are currently waiting for an approval, at thi9s point, the operator will be allowed to approve them through a secure interface (normally the daily on-air window).
The export can be performed using different formats and to multiple destinations, being possible to export scheduling and as-run data each time an approval is done; additionally, Etere F90 can update the accounting system and provide information through a web-integrated interface.