Etere IT Based Playout - MTX includes Master Control

20 июля 2011

Etere has upgraded MTX to a full-flege IT-based playout, with integrated Master Control capabilities.

Etere, the pioneer of IT-based playout, is a worldwide provider of highly integrated software solutions for an easy management of all the functions of a Media company, designing more efficient workflows and improving the system scalability.
Etere has always made big enhancements in broadcast world, that’s the reason why Etere has integrated into MTX the traditional Master Control functions. Etere approach use the same devices virtualization present in Etere Automation product to deliver an unlimited channel Master Control switcher. With MTX you will need only one server to playout, switch, fade dissolve, insert logo and do all the CG functions.
The Etere system change a simple machine into a multi-functioning integrated solution. For customers who already use MTX, implementing an IT-based playout enhanced with master control functionalities will consist in a simple software upgrade based on an add-on license, no extra hardware is needed.
Besides the common preset and preview bars, available on a friendly touch-screen graphic interface, MTX includes most graphics and audio functions such as:
■ 8 logo layers with unlimited sizes
■ 1 Crawl /CG
■ Audio shuffling
■ Audio control
■ Dolby E Pass-through
■ Video transitions

Etere implementation requires only a card with 1 input and 2 outputs to deliver the full Master Control functionalities, with a really cost effective system, and the possibility of working in SD and HD without any additional cost. Furthermore, due the reduced cost each broadcaster can have a fully redundant master control based on a main/clone approach that makes backup resources work at the same time in a full fault tolerant chain. Etere software panel can be installed in multiple PC’s, being commonly used on the 2nd monitor of Executive Editor. The panel can be used to control multiple channels from one single panel, a truly cost effective multi-channel solution.
The future is IT-based, it is better, faster, and provides more functions at lower prices; the Etere approach will push everyone to develop a comparable function system.
MTX substantially reduces capital expenditure and operating costs for television facilities since it replaces proprietary broadcast playout and processing hardware with standard IT servers and Etere software. Cost savings are achieved through reduced purchase costs, faster revenue generation, improved system scalability, and more efficient workflows. The use of an arrangement-convenient IT hardware will also result in a significant reduction of space and power requirements, as well as in a simplified maintenance.
Thanks to the IT-based architecture of MTX, facilities can easily increase channel counts without traditional scaling constraints, its simplified system design will allows a much faster deployment of new facilities, additional channels and services, that is, MTX can be seriously considered as a system for lifetime. MTX can be used for more than 10 years with no changes, the free upgrade policy of Etere allows broadcasters to use the same system for 21years, thus saving their investments by making of MTX their FINAL solution to playout.