Etere Delivers Workflow Management

10 сентября 2006

Etere includes a workflow processing system in its product.

A system like ETERE must help the customer to plan its operations, and to guide him without any errors.

What is a workflow:
- It’s a way to arrange the company job. - It allows drawing on the PC what is usually written down.
- It’s not a simple stage check, but it keeps trace of the whole object life and it allows or denies operations.

Each industrial product creation follows a workflow, and ETERE adds a workflow management system to the product. Following its philosophy of integration and total solution, ETERE workflow is part of the system more than just an external add on. It’s perfectly integrated in the original product and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Etere workflow can be used in the traffic contract management, in the Asset life control and in the scheduling.

With Etere workflow it’s easy to define who can approve an object, and who can reject it. All the workflow story is part of the system, so it’s easy to control who has done what step. Etere Workflow is integrated in ETERE 16.3 and is released as a free of charge tool, so all Etere users can use its benefits.

This is a real step up in the broadcast industry.

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