ETERE announces technological partnership with OCTOPUS

01 февраля 2012

ETERE introduces the integration of the OCTOPUS multi-platform newsroom system

ETERE and its famous automation system have joined with the OCTOPUS group of partners. Now, ETERE News is ready to provide a tight integration with the OCTOPUS6 platform.
This new partnership offers a cost-effective, advanced, flexible and complete solution for news production – features that will make it well-suited for bigger channels with a standard workflow.
This integration is, as with all ETERE automation solutions, a fault-tolerant and user-friendly system, which does not require customers to have any software expertise. The developed solution comes with all the benefits of ETERE’s distributed architecture, being intrinsically modular and fault tolerant. ETERE can interface with OCTOPUS6 via the MOS protocol, so last minute changes to news stories are immediately reflected in the ETERE Automation, ready to go on-air. The new integration is backed up by intensive testing of the smooth joint operation between ETERE Automation and OCTOPUS6 Newsroom. Jan Pulpan, Director of Sales and Engineering, OCTOPUS Newsroom, comments “We are delighted to now have achieved a proven and strong integration with ETERE News. We both offer complementary solutions for news operations and so having the two working efficiently and effectively together is a great step forward for both of us and great news for our customers. They can now benefit from even more efficient and effective workflows over the whole news operation.”
Importantly it should be mentioned that, as usual, such official announcements have been preceded by very intensive and accurate testing.

The most noteworthy features derived from the ETERE/OCTOPUS integration include:
• Media Asset Management integration
• ETERE Browsing integration
• OCX MOS integration - enhances search and preview features
• Multilanguage management
• User-friendly interface

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