Reggio TV Chooses Etere System

25 января 2012

Reggio TV chooses Etere for its Media Asset Management, Main/Clone Automation, Air Sales & Archive system

Reggio TV chooses Etere due to its complete and powerful suite, flexibility, reliability and easy to use interface. Reggio TV (better known as RTV) is a TV station based in Reggio Calabria founded in 1998. Reggio TV produces quality contents and pays special attention to the culture in the schedule including popular theater - opera - history - literature and arts programs. Etere has provided Reggio TV with a workflow-based modular broadcast software solution covering all their needs: from Media Asset Management to TV Automation, archiving system to commercials planning, video logging to web interface.

The main Etere modules composing the solution provided to Reggio TV are:
Scheduling: the embedded Etere Scheduling function allows an easy and frame accurate scheduling of primary and secondary events while including proxy browsing capabilities.

Etere Automation: is the channel playout's core for a reliable broadcast of all scheduled TV programs with the corresponding secondary events (e.g. logos, CG, MC transitions, audio/video router switching), through a fully redundant architecture based on the use of synchronized Main and Clone automation servers, allowing them to be immediately switched in case of any failure in the main server, running always the same scheduling with frame accurate synchronisation.

Airsales: a complete management of the commercials and invoicing; commercial do not need to be set in advance and even last minute changes can be done at any moment.

Media Management: offers the ability to transfer ingested material between devices, including straight transfers to playout servers from archiving devices. Each time a digital content is scheduled but not available in the playout server, Etere Data Mover automatically retrieve it via workflow to the K2 servers and guarantee you to have the content always on-time wherever is needed.

Etere HSM: used to interface with LTO digital tape library for archiving and transferring files between servers and the tape based storage. Etere HSM stores all tape info into the Etere SQL database, thus enhancing search performances and making quick to find clips on archived tapes.

Media Asset Management: the end-to-end solution to manage any kind of assets in a TV station, allowing to index and associate metadata as well as streamlining all workflow operations.

Etere Web: a key capability included in Etere Media Asset Management for providing complete access to media content, anywhere and at any time.

Etere Memory: the digital video logging system for recording and archiving files on hard disk in WMV or Mpeg4 format act as a playout certification system for accomplishing the legal controls required by the authorities.

The implemented ETERE system has permitted Reggio TV to control the following equipment:
    ■ Full 2 GVG K2 Media Client
    ■ Full 3 VRT for ingest
    ■ Full 2 Audio/video router GVG Trinix
    ■ Full 1 Master Control GVG Maestro
    ■ Full CG/Titler
    ■ Full Logo Generators
    ■ Full IBM digital tape library with 50 slots and 2 LTO4 tape drives
    ■ Full GVG Edius NLE

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