Etere Syncronized Playlists

14 December 2011

Etere Syncronized Playlists links all your playlists also across different time zone

Etere brings a totally new approach to address broadcast automation and playout: the Syncronized Playlists, a solution that will permit broadcasters to have a fluid work, with it if possible to create and control -under a one single user interface- hundreds of playout channels including TV stations located in different states and/or time zones, thus making the building and operating of multi-channel playout centers easier, more effective and less expensive to run.

The Syncronized Playlists is available from Etere Executive Editor and once activated, Executive Editor will work in multichannel mode permitting operators to work in the main daily-schedule while Etere will automatically replicate all changes performed in that schedule across the daily-schedules of the linked stations.

Each time Executive Editor runs in “Syncronized Playlists”, the related channel playlist will be displayed showing an interactive list of available channels on which changes will be replicated. The operator will be allowed to replicate with a simple act the following actions:
■ Insertion of new events: Events scheduled in the playlist while the multichannel mode is active will be automatically scheduled in the linked stations.
■ Shifts of scheduled events: If the on-air time of an scheduled event is modified, this change is also performed across the linked stations, for the same event.
■ Replacement of scheduled events: When a scheduled event is replaced with another (e.g.: using the asset change tool), the schedules of the linked stations are also updated with this change.
■ Deletion of scheduled events: In case an event is deleted from the main schedule, it will be also removed from the corresponding schedule of the linked stations.

The multichannel mode offers a preview tool that permits operators to quickly and easily browse media content related to assets scheduled across multiple stations, thus allowing them to check and monitor scheduled assets before their multichannel transmission. Syncronized Playlists's interface is clear, easy to use and user-friendly, it provides a visual mean to manage and navigate multiple channels with the maximum of simplicity.

With Etere Syncronized Playlists, all selected playlists will follow the changes performed on the main playlist: where the operator can replicate actions using just one function and only one interface. Keep all your playlist under control, user Etere Syncronized Playlists to seamlessly switch between multiple channels while receiving clear visual indications of any potential issue to fix them well ahead. Once again Etere offers to the market the highest technologies with the best performance!

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