TeleArena has expanded its distribution channels with Etere

07 декабря 2011

TeleArena & Etere for the second time together: the Italian broadcaster upgrades its Etere playout system using another Etere solution for its 9 channels

TeleArena has entrusted Etere for the implementation of a system completely based on the Etere’s approach that permits to control all operations via workflow under a tapeless and paperless environment.

TeleArena was founded in 1979 thanks to the work of local business people who first had the intuition of the importance of television and through years has become into the first listened and supported broadcaster in the province of Verona. For TeleArena, the collection of advertising is decisive since it permits to close the station’s budget in surplus, thus allowing the launch of more initiatives in the province of Mantova (e.g. from which born TeleMantova) as well as the support of "Bresciaoggi" and completion of the information in the neighboring province, "Brescia Punto TV”.

All tools required for managing the programming of commercial assets are completely provided by Etere Airsales, a robust solution that offers a complete suite of modules to manage commercials from their schedule to their invoicing, caring in this way the most delicate part of overall broadcasting process, the advertising.

The exchange of video files between archives and video servers are performed through Etere Media Manager, in this way no longer needed files are automatically deleted for a consequent resources optimization, thus allowing to permanently count with free storage space to be always ready to both receive new clips and send them to a dedicated device for being broadcasted or just previewed.

All the nine channels currently broadcasted by TeleArena are fully controlled by Etere Automation, the solution that ensures a great performance and reliability on the playout process, due to the use of ultimate fault-tolerance solutions.

Furthermore, Etere STMan is the product which takes care of managing in real-time all the programming secondary events, allowing operators to perform all the necessary changes even close to the events’ on-air time. Etere STMan counts with a timeline for monitoring any possible discontinuity in a sequence of secondary events and permit operators to fix them on time; this timeline interacts directly with the editor for fast and safe last minute adjustments.

Etere Memory has been chosen to perform the legal recording, a transmission logger server has been implemented with added functions to tag and search recorded content as well as saving recorded files on the hard-disk in Mpeg4/WMV format.

TeleArena has been provided with Etere Web, a web-based service that offers, among other features, a tapeless reception module for receiving contents from external sources in digital format. This key integration feature permits other stations forming part of the TeleArena’s group to remotely access, through an internet connection, the central system and thus edit the programming playlists as well as acquire both video and file-based contents. All the operators have a complete access to media content, from both central and remote locations, in real-time!

Currently, the implemented Etere system manages the following equipment present in the TeleArena’s facility:
    ■ 9 Grass Valley K2 stand-alone MediaClient video server
    ■ 9 Logo generators and CGs
    ■ 2 Audio/Video router
    ■ 9 VTR for ingest

Etere a consistent system!

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