Big audience for Etere at Media Convergence Seminar

23 ноября 2011

Etere has concluded a meaningful contribution at Manila with a focus on Etere MERP and Etere Multichannel delivery

Etere and its distributor partner Media Convergence Inc. announce the big success for Philippines Seminar. Etere has concluded its presence at the seminar, held on November 18, with the attendance of its President and Asia Pacific Sales Manager: Mr Fabio Gattari. Etere is glad to inform the success of its products among the Philippines market, a marketplace where Etere has been historically supported by its distributor Media Convergence Inc. During the seminar, a lot of interest has been created around Mr. Gattari’s speech, which has delivered to the public an overview of the changes currently affecting the broadcast industry and its entire workflow as well as the future landing of this process. Mr. Gattari explained the Etere’s approach with these words: “The biggest value of a broadcaster resides in its workflow, because it is the core of the overall broadcasting process, if it doesn’t fit your needs, the global solution will not do it either. - Everything is organized to shoot, produce, elaborate and send on-air every frame. Etere knows this fact and that’s why we perform all steps present in your workflow efficiently and accurately”.
Mr. Gattari continued: “The speech has covered all possible ways to introduce in a TV station the concept of the ERP applied to multimedia, an approach that will permit to have a total software solution able to computerize the entire lifecycle of the media industry. Moreover, I have illustrated our new Etere Multi-Screen Delivery: a big step not only towards a fully digital content delivery but also to a cost-effective approach based on unified media and metadata”. Mr. AL Z. Banguilan, Media Convergence CEO was very satisfied for the success of the event organized by his company since it counted with about 200 attendees. Mr. Banguilan said: “We are glad to see many people attended our seminar on the new trend happening right non for many broadcasters delivering multi-screen solutions to their viewers. We are thankful that Etere, together with SeaChange, Harmonics and Screen Services have shared critical information on how the Philippine Broadcasters are properly implement multi-screen technology for their new and competitive advantages. We are also thankful to the Society of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians of the Philippines (SBETP) for being part of this event.”

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