Etere in the USA for WRWR - TV 38

09 ноября 2011

Etere is delighted to announce its latest installation in the USA, an Etere Automation & Air Sales Lite system deployed at Georgia for WRWR-TV 38

Etere celebrates the signing of a new contract to supply an automation and commercial system to WRWR-TV 38. Georgia Eagle Media, Inc. is a locally owned and operated multi-media company based in Warner Robins, the fastest growing area of central Georgia. It’s the only media company in the Robins region that combines the resources of television, radio, newspaper and the Internet, to bring to local and national businesses a one-source option for advertising and marketing and reaching the Robins region. In 2010, Georgia Eagle Media brought another first to the Robins region, WRWR-TV 38, the first television station licensed to and operated from studios in Warner Robins, WRWR-TV was designed, built, and operates as the first fully digital high definition television station in central Georgia.

The basic necessity of the client was to have the maximum of security and protection for the on-air broadcast, reason why Etere proposed to WRWR-TV 38 the deployment of its acclaimed automation software solution, a system installed all around the world with great success!

In these terms, Etere has provided WRWR-TV 38 with a simple but efficient solution for the management and playout of programs and commercial contents. The installation is mainly composed of the following modules: a playlists scheduling system, a schedules management module, an automatic and manual ingest system, a quality control workflow and a backup copies management module. TV 38’s operators are really satisfied of the solution brought by Etere since now, all the scheduling, ingest, planning and broadcasting operations are managed by Etere solutions, thus allowing them to avoid errors and to monitor the broadcast process step-by-step through a low resolution video (e.g. scheduling operators can now browse media content from their ordinary computers). Etere has provided WRWR-TV 38 with a solid and reliable solution among which the following solutions can be remarked as the most important ones:
• Etere Automation: to broadcast a television programming composed by primary and secondary events with the maximum of protection and flexibility. • Etere Airsales Lite: to schedule commercials with high simplicity and reliability, avoiding any previous strategic editing and preliminary scheduling structures. Etere manages all the broadcast equipment used by WRWR.TV38, permitting the station to leverage the whole potential of a set of devices mainly composed by the following elements:
• 4 channel Harris Nexio
• 2 VTR for ingest
• 1 GPI/O card (8in - 8out)
• 1 A/V router

Etere, a consistent system!

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