Etere the First Time in Bangladesh for Channel 1

03 февраля 2006

Etere has provided Channel 1 with all the needed broadcast solutions: Automation, Archiving System, Asset Management and Transcoding.

Etere is an Italian company redefining the broadcast business, providing cost effective and easy to use digital integrated solutions. Etere with the collaboration of O’Connor’s Singapore has enjoyed the challenge to set up Channel 1, the new Bengali satellite TV channel. Channel 1 is going to reach Bengali speakers worldwide. Channel 1 is broadcasting news from Bangladesh regarding, politics, economics, culture and business. Etere has provided Channel 1 with all the needed broadcast solutions: automation, archiving system, asset management and transcoding.

The Channel 1 installation is very important to understand the know how ETERE is able to give out. The Etere system controls: 4 VTRs to ingest, 1 Omneon Spectrum videoserver, 1 Miranda master control, logo generator, a titler and a StorageTek SL500 (34TB) LTO3 tape library as a deep archive through Etere HSM (Archive Manager) software. Etere Automation is a TV automation software used to send On-air all scheduled TV programs formerly prepared in Etere Main. This software manages video servers, master controls, switches, titlers and logo generators. More over, Etere has provided Channel 1 with many solutions in addition to the basic broadcast automation:

- Etere Main: playlist import/export, schedule publishing, real time control and schedule instant editing
- Etere Recording: destination source recording by selecting among connected and activated devices, performing resource editing, checking recorded clips, removing movie clips from the archive and the videoserver, managing videoserver storage
- Browsing: a J&S solution, with audio scrub and subtitles preview even while operators are still recording; perfectly integrates to Etere Automation
- Transcoder: an automatic video files converter producing low quality video copies with frame precision. It conforms, to all Omneon Samba disc files and to VMW format, creating its own low resolution content database
- On air recording Tape Memory: a digital video logger, recording, storing and playing WMV video files
- Media Manager: a solution intended for managing video clips, updating the list of clips, and checking the clips availability in the archive
- HSM: an easy to use tape library integrated with ETERE Media Manager. Etere HSM is the interface between the Etere MAM/Indexing system and the tape library. Etere HSM uses the Etere SQL database to store the tape info. This system enhance search performances making quick to find clips on archived tapes
- Media Asset Management: it’s an end-to-end product to manage any kind of digital media in the TV channel
- News management & Automation: a bridge between Etere Automation and a news system MOS compliant. This Etere tool manages 14 ENPS workstations, connecting all Etere solutions (ingestion, media asset management, browsing, automation and as run log) with the newsroom system. Etere President Fabio Gattari says:
‘It’s one of the best project I’ve ever implemented. A young station, with a new organization and a new workflow. Our staff has enjoyed the challenge of a short deadline: just three months to be on air. We have succeeded thanks to O’Connor’s resources and to the professionalism of Channel One technical people’.

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