Etere has Been Chosen by a New Musical Channel in Dubai AGHANI TV

09 ноября 2006

ETERE partner of Aghani TV for the management and the automation of the playout for the channel.

For 16 years ETERE has provided a complete range of software broadcasting solutions in the same framework to manage all the business of the TV stations (scheduling, traffic, Airtime sales, automation, media asset management indexing – MAM, archiving, ingest, news integration and playout, logging and audience control, proxy, workflow management, Web integration, music scheduling, etc.)

AGHANI TV is a new thematic satellite musical channel located in Dubai, which has started the transmission immediately and has chosen ETERE as a partner in this new challenge for the management and the automation of the playout for the channel.
Since AGHANI TV needs to be able to manage thematic music channels effectively, we also provided them with Etere Music Manager, a software tool specifically designed to help musical channels create daily musical playlists according to their needs and the musical format required during the different timescales of the day.
With ETERE, AGHANI TV goes to an integrated solution that controls everything for the scheduling, music scheduling, ingest and playout.
The main ETERE software modules used in this installation are:
- Etere Main for the asset creation, the manual planning and the management of the playlist
- Etere Music Manager for the automatic musical playlist creation
- Etere Recording for the ingestion (manual, automatic, scheduled recording)
- Etere Automation Main & Clone: two synchronized systems with automation controllers running two independent copies of the same playlist, ready to switch in case of fault on the main video server decoders or on the main On Air PCs, able to guarantee the continuity of the playout and a high system realiability

There are 5 PC clients used in AGHANI TV’s installation and the devices that ETERE controls for the ingestion and the playout are the following:
- 2 VTRs for the ingestion
- 3 nodes SeaChange video server
- 1 Leitch audio/video matrix
- 1 Leitch IconMaster
- 1 Leitch Icon Logo
- 1 Inscriber RTX

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