TVRI Aceh Republic Indonesia TV choose Etere

16 февраля 2007

Etere won the tender for TVRI Aceh. The Indonesia TV channel choose Etere to upgrade its playout system.

After more than 3 years of experience with ETERE in this main transmission facility Etere was chosen for regional TV channel, TVRI Aceh, and the experience in reliability and easy of use of the main station was important guide on the design of this new facility, that is compliant with all the new standard as MXF.

ETERE provides the Aceh station with an AUTOMATION system and a schedule system. Scheduling is the basic module able to create a list of programs, jingles, news, commercials as well as to create and publish commercial schedule. The system is so reliable and flexible to allow the creation of everything the TV station needs, all in one program.

Integrated with scheduling, at TVRI Aceh ETERE installed an automation system, powerful, reliable and modular, able to enhance broadcasters’ potentials in terms of functions and workflow design., but more decreasing the number of mistakes.

All the installation and training are run by Galva, the Indonesian Etere distributor that show once more to be one of the most advanced and skilled structures of the region.

ETERE system controls:
• GVG-M series videoserver
• Xdcam VTR
• Audio/video router
• Master control

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