Etere at IBC 2011 with IT-based Playout

31 августа 2011

Etere at IBC (Stand 8.B89) to launch innovative full IT-based playout which integrates core Master Control functions on it

Etere will take part at the IBC 2011 Exhibition (Stand 8.B89, 9-13 September, RAI Amsterdam) where it will be showcasing its entire products range, presenting comprehensive workflows for TV broadcasters and media companies with a focus on IT-based playout. Etere is the pioneer of IT-based playout, since the release of Etere 14 (2004) when the first broadcast video server was delivered.
Etere is a worldwide provider of highly integrated software solutions for an easy management of all the functions of a media company, designing more efficient workflows and improving the system scalability. Etere has always made big enhancements in broadcast world, that’s the reason why Etere has integrated into MTX the traditional Master Control functions.
Etere will also show all its fully integrated solutions for broadcasters, media companies and content providers: Media Asset Management, Automation, Air Sales, News Automation & Media Integration, Archiving, Indexing, Scheduling, Programs Management, Web Integration, Video Logging and Tapeless Reception. The Etere’s products suite allows building flexible and scalable systems capable of carrying out the entire media production of a company, from ingest to playout to content delivery, under a fully tapeless and paperless workflow-based digital environment.
Etere is able to make your workflow ‘smooth and intelligent’ since it’s the most effective solution to perform each one of your business processes under a 100% software framework, thus permitting you to get bug advantages derived from the use of Etere M.E.R.P. such as the integration of myriad processes for saving time and expenses across all businesses operations.
“MERP approach is the challenge for the next era of broadcasting” said Etere’s President, Fabio Gattari, “the need of managing and organizing content in a complex multi-format and multi-delivery platform requires an efficient structure provided with an easy interface able to perform the more complex tasks, this is MERP’.
Visit Etere Stand 8.B89 for information about the new Etere IT-based playout and all the solutions designed for broadcasting professionals and media company.
We will also offer a custom special demo on hot product and solution topics.

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