Etere at NABshow 2007

22 марта 2007

ETERE consolidates its presence at NAB2007 exhibition.

Etere consolidates its presence at NAB2007 exhibition; for the 7th consecutive year the Italian company shows its advanced products at the most important broadcast exhibition in the world.

Etere will show at BOOTH N416, NORTH HALL
Since 1989 Etere provides the most powerful, flexible and highly reliable software solution. The Etere software is a complete, easy-to-use solution that is ready to meet your entire Automation, Recording, Archiving, Scheduling, Traffic and Media Asset Management needs.

Etere is only one software that runs on any computer network based on windows standards and, alone, it is able to manage the complete broadcasting of a TV station. Etere software fits all your needs perfectly.

At 2007 exhibition Etere will show its product focused clients attention on:

MAM and HSM bundled solution to create the archive for your station for both analogic and digital content including upload and download from devices and SDI interface.

Media Asset Management is a unique system that manages, ingests, manipulates and trades the contents of digital archives, plus it takes care of transmission and archiving. Based on proven database platforms and a stable and secure system architecture, Etere MAM can be scaled to any level, from small in-house asset management systems, to globally distributed sites with the ability to trade, track and ingest new assets. The solution is 100% software, as all the others.

Etere MAM represents a significant step forward in the management, storage, manipulation and control of digital media assets. Its modular architecture enables broadcasters to select required functions on demand. Etere MAM is the most complete solution currently available on the market, that’s why Leading networks have already chosen it for the key task of handling their own media assets. Etere MAM includes Etere CMS server as well.

Etere CMS is the powerful video analyzer indexing video through both scene changes detected automatically and operators’ back-video analysis.

With HSM Etere is able to manage all the archives of a TV station in a single integrated environment, where all the video is moved to be on time on the correct place.

With Etere HSM your media cockpit can show all the info you need in a single screen. In a full Etere environment, HSM acts as a background process, this gives to the user a powerful and easy interface to be used. Etere HSM as all the suite of Etere uses windows drivers to interface to the hardware, so every library or tape drives windows compatible can be manage.

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