CSC Audiovisivi: MAM & Digital Archive with Etere MTX

14 сентября 2011

Etere has provided a Media Asset Management and archiving solution that allowed CSC to create a fully scalable and integrated Digital Archive System

CSC Audiovisivi is the video production department of the worldwide Focolare Movement. The organization's central archive houses a library of over 10,000 digital betacam tapes, over 100,000 photos/slides/negatives (Tiff & Jpeg) and CD/DVD. All new video material originates either on P2 cards or are Apple ProRes files edited using Final Cut Pro.
CSC turned to Etere since needed to meet the requirements listed below with the maximum of flexibility and expertise:
■ Ingest, index and archive of the organization's patrimony
■ Catalogue and organize all new “born digital” material
■ Preserve and make content available by powerful search engines
■ Distribute content through DVD, Web or other media in both PAL and NTSC

"Etere has been a valuable partner in providing a comprehensive and powerful software solution tool creating and developing a whole series of workflows that meet our needs throughout the production, archival and distribution processes. Media Power is the highly qualified partner who provided and maintains also the hardware, including a DDN6620 DataDirect Networks storage" said the customer.
Etere has provided a Media Asset Management and archiving solution that allows CSC to create a fully scalable and integrated Digital Archive System through the following technologies:
■ Etere MTX, to ingest and preview SDI video content
Media Asset Management, to index and associate metadata to streamline all digital workflow operations
Media Management, to archive and transfer files between MTX servers, P2-NLE-Photo repository and the disk based storage
Etere HSM, to allow archiving all multimedia contents
■ Etere Hi-Res Transcoder, a complete file-based media transcoding process which allows any to any format conversion, video standard conversion and audio levelling
■ Etere MAM Web integration, that provides complete access to media content, from both central and remote locations, in real-time
■ Etere NLE integration for FCP content upload/download

These modules are part of the
Etere MERP concept (Media Enterprise Resources Planning) introduced by Etere as the core of its newest way to revolutionize the media/IT management designing a completely reliable, tapeless, cost-effective, user-friendly, workflow-based solution.
As mentioned before, the ingest of the large CSC’s video patrimony is performed using a MTX solution, a fully digital ingest/playout engine able to deliver the best video quality based on latest broadcast technology. It combines the flexibility, powerful, reliability and efficiency of Etere software solutions with Matrox's professional video technology.
Etere Tapeless Reception is the suite provided to upload the contents that comes from P2 and Final Cut Pro and other file-based sources into the archive, providing first proxy creation and file format (MXF IMX, HD, Mpeg2, etc.)/video standard convertion (PAL, NTSC) when needed, thanks to Etere Hi-Res Transcoder.
Etere Media Manager provides the file transfer between MTX, NLE and the disk-based DDN archive, where all files are stored to be subsequently retrieved when requested for the different use.

Etere HSM manages the long-term archive (CSC historical deep archive) allowing automatic archiving and restoring of content on LTO-4 digital tape drives. F90 provides CSC with a smart tool to import the basic metadata already linked to the assets (i.e: XML data from P2 cards and EXIF data for photos) into Etere dbase before using Etere MAM for the asset's data enrichment with complete SMPTE and custom-made set of metadata and rights management.
Finally, an Etere MAM Web interface guarantees a complete access to contents from both central and remote locations for real-time files management.
Etere controls all the broadcast equipment used by CSC Audiovisivi which is mainly composed by the following devices:

■ 2 MTX I/O ports in full video resolution
■ 64TB DataDirect Networks near-line storage for High resolution and Proxy
■ 2 VTRs for the ingest
■ 10 workstation
■ 4 FCP NLE editing workstation
■ P2 cameras

Etere, a consistent system!

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