Italian Parliament TV station chooses Etere

03 мая 2006

Rome: the Italian Parliament channel chooses Etere for its automation main/clone, traffic and digital archiving management based on a digital library with LTO tapes

Italian Parliament TV Station chooses Etere for Automation, Traffic & Archiving System. Etere has provided the Italian Parliament with an advanced and reliable solution:

1. Etere Main: playlist import/export, schedule publishing, real time control and schedule instant editing.

2. Etere Traffic: advertising planning.

3. Etere Recording: destination source recording by selecting among connected and activated devices, performing resource editing, checking recorded clips, removing movie clips from the archive and the videoserver, managing videoserver storage.

4. Etere Media Manager: a solution intended for managing video clips, updating the list of clips and checking the clips availability in the archive.

5. Etere HSM: to manage the digital tape library with LTO tapes integrated with ETERE Media Manager. ETERE HSM uses the ETERE SQL database to store the tape info. This system enhance search performances making quick to find clips on archived tapes.

6. Etere TV Automation Main e Clone: two synchronized systems with automation controllers running two independent copies of the same playlist ready to switch in case of fault.

ETERE system controls:

• 4 VTR for the ingestion
• 2 Grass Valley Profile PVS1100 video servers
• audio/video matrix Philips VMSI 3000
• master control Thomson/Philips Saturn MCS 2500
• logo generator
• CG/Titler
• StorageTek L40 for digital archive with LTO tapes

Thanks to Etere Recording is possible to record until 5 sessions and commissions of the parliament at the same time using the Grass Valley Profile PVS1100 video server in DV25 format and each one can be longer than 12 hours.

When the operator creates the material card for the recording, he also chooses if the material must be archived, in this case Etere Media Manager copies the clips from the video to the cache and Etere HSM archives the clip in one of 20 slot (LTO tapes) of the StoragTek L40 digital library (350 hours @ DV25 approximately).

Etere Media Manager and Etere HSM together with recording the clips in the library are able to execute the automatic restore from the StorageTek to the video servers of the video material necessary for the playout, based on the playlist created by the operators.

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