24 ноября 2016

Automate your workflow processes and improve workflow efficiency with Etere. Etere is compatible with Avid partial restore which allows partial retrieval of assets stored in Etere.

Manage content easily with Etere Partial Retrieve. Partial retrieve workflow automates the retrieval of partial segments from media assets. Commonly used workflow actions for partial retrieve includes retrieval and restore of file from archive, source file existence checks or to restore part of a video segment. The workflows are configured such that an approval process ensures workplace compliance. In addition, a notification email will be sent to administrators when the process is completed or if an error had occurred. Partial restore workflow can be launched from both Etere media library or from EtereWeb.

Etere partial restore enables Partial Retrieve workflow to be launched from Etere Media Library module via desktop or on EtereWeb, within a highly redundant, fault tolerant and fault resilient system.

Key Features
■Restore partial segments of media files related to assets stored in Etere
■Supervisor rights can be configured for approval process
■Allows creating a separate file for all suitable segments contained into a certain cue sheet
■A separate file will be generated for each segment, featuring only the portion of video related to the partially retrieved segment
■Every partially retrieved file will be hold into a new asset created with the following data: Code, description, type, post-workflow, and file
■Can be launched from Etere Media Library module via desktop or on EtereWeb
■Parts of large files can be retrieved in any formats including MXF Mpeg2, MXF DV, MXF DVCPRO
■Email notification is sent to administrators with the configured accounts
■Ingested asset can be searched in the Interplay database

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