TV Plus, Croatian broadcaster chooses Etere MTX

01 August 2011

The core of the TV Plus playout are Etere workflow-based, tapeless software solutions and MTX the new driver to manage a fully IT-based digital ingest/playout

TV Plus is a regional TV station in central Croatia. It broadcasts digital tv signal from the Medvednica above Zagreb.
Etere MTX is the most advanced, tightly integrated and cost-efficient video management system on the market, completely based on latest Matrox technology.
It combines the professional video technology of Matrox with the reliability and efficiency of Etere. Etere TV Automation and MTX broadcasts TV channel programming including secondary events as logos, crawls, audio/video router switching and transitions under a fully redundant approach. Etere MTX simplify the overall TV Plus system management giving them an SD/HD ingest & playout system with graphics and proxy file creation in real-time. Etere Ingest module is used to manually/automatically capture HiRes video contents from various sources into MTX while the Etere tapeless reception gives to the customer the possibility to upload contents directly from Final Cut Pro or any other NLE system directly into the system.
It creates the asset form with all the metadata the operator wishes and carrys out the quality check (QC) for a fully file-based before deciding to move it to the nearline storage archive or directly to MTX for playout. The operators create and manage daily scheduling using the Etere Executive Editor tool that allows a frame accurate planning of all those assets intended to be aired and a comprehensive management of the related secondary events.
Etere Media Manager is the software module responsible for the file transfer among video servers and archives so, once digitized and stored, the clips will be always in the right place at the right time thanks to Etere Data Movers;
this powerful and intelligent solution acts under a fully workflow-based approach that customer can customize according to their needs. With Etere solution, finally the customer has been able to make the important step from a tape based to a full caching, automatic system building a reliable and truly tapeless, integrated, flexible and cost efficient distributed architecture. Etere controls the following equipment all throughout ingest and playout processes:
• 2 MTX I/O ports in SD/HD full resolution
• 1 disk-based nearline storage
• 1 VTR for the ingest
• 1 Blackmagic VideoHub audio/video routing switcher
• 1 Logo generator integrated in MTX
• 1 CG integrated in MTX

Etere is a consistent system !

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