Etere Manages the To-Do List

20 мая 2007

Etere inserts a to-do list management in Traffic & BMS.

Etere enriches its helpful functions introducing a to-do list in Traffic and BMS.

With this new feature Etere provides its customers with a further support to operators managing with programs and commercials scheduling.

Etere to-do list unburdens customer’s work acting as a reminder of deferred operations such as informing when the scheduling is going to expire or when a new program or tv series is going to begin. Therefore it reduces a high margin of error in planning a schedule and it even alerts for the new promos to be built and for other long-term operations that can be forgot.

Etere to-do list is inserted inside Traffic and BMS modules and can be activated when the contract data are being inserted or during any operation the operator starts in order to remind future actions. Etere to-do list can be used not only for strictly scheduling purposes but also for more general ones. If one has to call a person, for example, one can easily give instructions to the to-do list to send him/her a message at the chosen day and hour.

In due time the operator is sent the alerts either by e_mail or by sms remainders according to the system setup; the to-do list gets the address from a data bank where all users of Etere are scheduled. If you use Etere’s facilities, schedule’s planning is easier and safer.

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