Etere Support

24 September 2007

Etere Technical Support Service protects your Etere software, guarantees fluent operations and keeps your broadcast functions updated with the latest software updates.

Etere always gives a lot of attention to its customers’ needs and provides a range of services for them – from consulting on their initial concept through to maintaining software in their facility. Etere does not only provide its customers with a modern broadcasting system, but it also remains close to them with its support team that is always at their disposal.

The R&D department constantly works in strict collaboration with the Etere support team in order to better assist customers, and a 24/7 post-sale service is constantly available for any need or request that may come from any part of the world. It has been proved that Etere has the most advanced customer service because it is composed of a group of highly specialized people with a lot professional training and experience.

Customer satisfaction is the final goal that Etere aims at. Etere’s customer policy is based on its philosophy to suit every necessity and to take care of any request concerning the use of Etere’s software.

Key features of Etere post-sale support service are as follows:
• 24/7 service with engineers always in the office, no mobile phone
The facility is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where the customer is. There is always an engineer ready to answer your call in the office so there is no need to waste time calling a mobile phone number
• One single worldwide centre that concentrates on and improves problem solving

The solution time of intervention is short as the customer is put in contact with a single worldwide centre and is not redirected to other centres displaced in different continents. He/she therefore receives quick and direct answers to his questions without losing precious time.
• Unlimited and immediate VPN connection
To deal with the problem Etere works directly with the customer PC as it has direct connections
• Unlimited questions and answers at any level
• Highly specialized Developer Engineers work in pairs with our Support Engineers to give a 360° assistance
• Software upgrades included
Through the support service we also provide the customer’s system direct upgrade

Customers can rely on the Etere support team anytime they need to.

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