Etere Easy Subtitling

06 февраля 2007

Etere Automation: we are able to manage also an easy subtitling.

With Etere to make subtitle is now very easy and its inexpensive for a TV station which is already using Etere.

All you need is Windows Media Player, inside the famous Microsoft player there is a complete Multilanguage subtitles editor, free of charge.

There is no vhs or VBI inserter and the full preview is in automation, with only a software you can do all the job, cutting all the costs due to extra features.

Subtitle workflow with Etere is extremely easy whether you have Windows Media Player:

After having ingested the file in a HiRes video server, with Etere Transcoding the file is saved in a Low Res repository. Perfectly integrated with Etere software, only by means of Windows Media Player it is possible that an operator can directly write all the subtitles on a WMV and at the end import the WMV file on the lowres directory, which is managed by Etere Automation.

To playout a video with subtitles, with Etere Automation we can manage the low res file where subtitles where saved and exact the subtitles itself that by a character generator can be put on air.

As the wmv file is created by Etere, it’s frame is accurate and reliable. Adding to all the above it is important to underline also that the wmv accept multilanguage subtitles.

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