Sky Channel Moto TV upgrades to Etere

15 июля 2011

Moto TV on-air with Etere enterprise software solutions. Etere MERP solution has been provided to Moto TV to enable the station to create and run all the workflows required for managing and transmitting its new thematic channel

Moto TV is the new thematic satellite channel of Sky completely dedicated to the world of two wheels. Moto TV covers, with technical and passionate spirit of competition, the major leagues from the speed world to the off-road one including previews and products news, not to mention the history of motorcycling. Moto TV scheduling department is located in Milan while the ingest and playout center is located in Rome; in this scenario, operators create and manages daily scheduling remotely through the Etere Executive Editor tool which permits a frame accurate planning of all those assets intended to be aired and as well as a comprehensive management of the related secondary events. The Etere MERP solution has been provided to Moto TV to enable the station to create and run all the workflows required for managing and transmitting its new thematic channel. Moto TV create, run and control all the workflows needed for the management and playout of the media contents of the TV station, this, using a reliable, integrated and cost efficient distributed architecture. Etere Ingest is used to either manually or automatically capture contents into the video servers, being Etere Hi-Res Transcoder the module in charge of providing the creation of the related proxy file to be used by the operators for previewing contents and inserting asset mark points (SOM, EOM, commercials break interruption point, bulk video, etc.). Thanks to Etere Hi-Res Transcoder the broadcaster has the most efficient tool to a complete tapeless system. The core of the playout center is Etere Automation, the module installed using a “main and clone” implementation for a reliable broadcast of the entire TV channel programming alongside with the corresponding secondary events such as audio/video router switching, crawls and logos through a fully redundant architecture.
The Main/Clone implementation is the best fault-tolerance method to protect the data managed by Moto TV from any inconvenience, this by allowing to have two different but synchronized systems with automation controllers running two independent copies of the same playlist, being both of them ready to be switched in case of fault. Etere has provided Moto TV with the further possibility of integrating an Etere HSM module to support the automatic archiving and restore of contents into a digital library which supports LTO tapes. Etere HSM allows archiving video content -which either needs to be stored for long-time or make part of the Moto TV historical archive- into the LTO cartridges of the digital tape library. Furthermore, each time an operator schedules an event to broadcast, it doesn't matter where the media is stored because Etere will send automatically the request to either Etere Media Manager or Etere HSM (depending on if the event is archived or not) to restore it where needed, on time. These software modules play a central role in such modern installations where multiple video servers and storages are available in order to achieve a fully redundant ingest/playout system and share contents for increased reliability. Etere controls the following equipment all throughout ingest and playout processes:
- 2 Grass Valley K2 stand/alone servers
- 1 disk-based Nearline storage
- 2 VTRs ingest
- 1 Audio/Video router switcher Pro-Bel Sirius
- 1 Logo Miranda LGK-3901

Etere, a consistent system!

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